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Originally Posted by Jermbot View Post

There are no federation equivalents to the two carriers in game. They both have innate subsystem targeting like a science vessel, they both use fighters to supplement their DPS, and the Voqov's turn rate will make you long for the agility of the Galaxy-R.
Well, i fly a Kar-Fi, & it doesn't have any subsystem targeting.
The Kar-Fi is a cross between a sci ship & a raptor, & turns about like a cruiser. setup correctly, it's the ultimate DPS cruiser.
Boff setup is unlike anything else in the game
It has a Cmdr & Ens Sci slots
Ltc & Lt tac slots
& a Lt Eng slot.
It has strong shields, but hull like an escort.
2 types of pets, fighters that kamikaze your opponent and frigates.
The Frigate pets specialize in annoying your opponent, with Chron torps, Tricobalt mines & Aceton field.
IMHO, one of the funnest ships in the game.