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11-07-2011, 06:54 PM
Originally Posted by Heretic
The reduction in the number of waves was done as a first step towards getting spam under control. Yes, mines, Photonic Fleet, and many other things are going to be looked at as well.

With the exception of Kar'fi Frigates, since the Kar'fi is getting an additional hanger, Carrier BoPs and fighters were strengthened both in damage and defense to compensate for the reduction in the number of waves.

By the numbers, I think it's in the right ballpark, but numbers do sometimes lie, so if after collecting data and listening to feedback from people who have tried them there are issues, we will certainly consider changes as necessary.

The intention, however, certainly was not to weaken carriers or strengthen them, but merely to give them more options and greater control.

Hey Heretic... can you guys please enhance the tooltips (show DPS for each weapon system the pets have at a minimum... maybe also show their max flight speed / shield / hull strength)? Thanks!