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11-07-2011, 07:26 PM
It just seems par for the coarse that Cryptic has been on lately.

It's hard to take anything that Cryptic reps have been saying seriously at all these days.

We here something from a rep one day and then the next day we're being told that we misinterpreted what they ment even though their words were 100% clear.

Let's face it giving us a VA token once we reach level cap will hurt Cryptics C-Store sales on VA retrofits and other end game vessels, they needed to take away that token and the 250 emblems to hopefully boost C-Store sales on max level ships.

There was no intention of ever giving the emblems or that token back; however, when the fourms started rageing Cryptic needed to tell us something to calm us down and buy them some more time to come up with a solution.

Wow, what a solution Cryptic has come up with!

Rejoice my friends... we now have our access to our VA tokens again and we'll be able to claim our free VA +1 ship about a year and a half after we reach level cap