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11-07-2011, 10:19 PM
I don't think spam is the problem at all, I think the problem is the UI.

The screen gets filled up with tons of square reticles all over and it looks much worse than it is.

I think before removing spam and getting rid of it, more though should go into the space UI, because spam will always be a problem until the UI gets adjusted.

For example, why not remove the reticles for pets and then instead when you target a player, have individual icons that appear like buffs lined up for deployed ships, if you want to target the players fighters, you click the icon, and the appropriate target is selected and then the reticles appear

it would look like my signature, the icons for a bird of prey, fighters and mines appear alongside my name, if a player wants to attack them, clicking on them is all they need to do.

Then just make it so the spam targeting reticles are fliped off unless those icons are pressed.

epic space battles without lots of flying square brackets.