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# 7 Tac/ Star cruiser
11-07-2011, 10:53 PM
I fly a Star Cruiser

Right now I am using:
Front Weapons:

Purple Plasma beam
Blue Crono
Purple Daul Tetryon
Purple Disruptor

Purple Deflec.
Pur Impulse
Reman Proto shield

Rear weapons:
Purple Tetryon Beam
Green Disrup. rank 11
Blue Qaunt
Blue Tetryon Turrent (Missle Defence)

Blue RCS
Blue SEA
Blue Field Emitter
Blue Neutronium
Assim Mod
Green Collinator
Green Multi-Spectro
Blue 2X Distribution Manifolds

Add the right bridge officers and you get a nice star cruiser but the RCS is a must the ship turns like a boat. you have to fix it otherwise a escort is going to straff you side to side and you won't be able to turn 90 degrees before he has his nose on you and is on the other side. With the RCS and Alpha manuver and a tractor beam you have a chance if you hit with the crono torps you might just win. Yes I know the torps are backwards since most ships duck into the rear ach and at a point in time I did have Crono mines with the beta bridge abillity free Respec changed that.

Ah the negative feedback as they rip a part my ship