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Originally Posted by zevermoon View Post
Tac in Star Cruiser
Unfortunatly all the Tac/Star Cruiser Captains I've encountered are somewhat useless. You can't really deal damage since your captain abilities don't support your ships strengths and usually they also can't tank. Your ship setup seems to be a good example here.

Originally Posted by TylanHunter
I've been flying escorts a lot but I'm currently leveling eng captain, aiming to fly assault cruiser in solo pve and maybe a tanking star cruiser in borg STFs and red alerts.

Could use some advice in both boff abilities and ship fittings for it, should I just go with hull tanking or is shield even possible with borg shield neuts?
Please keep in mind that a pure tank is not needed for STFs or Red Alerts, maybe for KA, but only when things gets really freaking out of control there. You might want to load some tanking abilities so you can jump in and take the first enemy shots (protect the escorts) and a good amount of heals to provide emergency healing for the weaker ships, too. KA is the only scenario with a battle where endurance is really necessary at all and it can be minimized with enough DPS.

That being said, you might want to consider adding something to contribute to the teams DPS. For my Eng/Star Cruiser I have 2 STF setups for this case, 1 of them more focused on direct damage and 1 is a little bit more crowd control (if there is no sci ship around). Not saying you have to do the same, but it works for me, so here are some hints:

EPtW1 / EPtS2 / ET 3 / DEM 3
EPtW1 / EPtS2 / Aux2SIF2

For basic crowd control replace DEM with Eject Warp Plasma 3

TT1 / FAW 2

You can go with HY or TS instead of FAW if you like torpedoes. Tanking / Healing would be Attack Pattern Delta 1.

PH 1 / HE 2
HE 1

In case I'm going with Eject Warp Plasma 3, HE 2 is replaced by Tractor Beam Repulsors 1. This allows for an adequate control build for KA. Since all 3 of them are on the same cooldown you can replace HE 1 with TSS or Sci Team. PH is a must have to get out of Tractor Beams though.

All this is not perfect and definitly not the way to go for PvP, but for STFs / Red Alerts you will be king and dominate most crappy cruiser builds. The 2 copies of Emergency Power to Weapons and Shields each allow for constant chaining to compensate for the power drain and it will allow you to put more points into aux energy for heals.