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11-08-2011, 03:54 AM
Im a Tac/Starcruiser and I do pretty well thank you very much. It takes alot of tweaking but the star cruiser is my favourite ship so far.

My weapons at the moment are:
purple Antiproton Dual beam bank X2 mk xi
purple Antiproton beam array mk xi
purple quantum torp mk xi

purple borg stf deflector
purple borg stf engines
purple aegis shield

purple antiproton array mkxi x2
purple quantum torpedo mkxi
purple tricobalt mkxi (Although im recently unhappy with its performance).

I cant remember my consoles off the top of my head. However I use emergency power to shields 1 and 3. Reverse shield polarity1, hazard emmitters1 (Also stocked up with auxillary batteries for simultanous use), eng team 1, aceton field 3, emergency power to weapons 3 and 1 (Also stocked up with weapons batteries for simultanous use as well as having power to weapons put up to full) then I use beam overload 2. Also have torp high yield 1.