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11-08-2011, 05:20 AM
Originally Posted by Crimsonoa View Post
What time do you normally play (I am from east coast USA)? When you say pvp, is that arena or ch?

I have never been 1 shot by a crusier before.

Edit, I see your in the 12th fleet, to my knowledge that's not a pvp fleet. Anyhow, if I do see you I will give you some attention.
After work, normally 5pm CST to whatever time I get bored.

Yes, that is the effect most have, because most cruiser pilots suck.

12th Fleet is made up of nearly 500 people, and separated into divisions based on specialty/interest in the game.

12th Fleet Tactical Division = 12th's PvP gurus.

Not to say the other divisions don't PvP at all, we just do it more frequently as a general rule of thumb.

P.S: Being 1 shot by a Venture-X is uncommon. Being 1 shot by a Tactical Venture-X is expected.

With all available buffs primed, my lance will burst for 300% damage. Against Escorts, this normally equates to approximately 30k per burst (2x bursts - though I have seen my lance crit hit as hard as 56k in a burst in PvP).