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11-08-2011, 09:29 AM
Originally Posted by Cowbert View Post
wrong, wrong, and more wrong. Apparently they did not listen to us "minority" who wanted the "nerf" to stay.
Since you can no longer buy the Excelsior for "free" (without resorting to the dilithium exchange), the Excelsior has become way overpowered, with its +1 turn rate (with engine power set to 30, I got a 15.1 turn, that's -1 the base turn of an escort!). I seriously have no idea what ya'll were thinking when you thought that only "losing" an eng console slot was unsuitable. Now you can put 4 eng console slots back in there. For all the b***** you people do about F2P you sure love promoting what has obviously become a Pay2Win cruiser...

(I didn't mention btw, that they are going to do something about the Excelsior to rebalance it but they dialed it back to what it was so they could back to the drawing board with it).
So basically you're complaining about nothing. Congrats. I don't PvP, so I don't care about PvP issues. I also don't care that I had to buy the Excelsior. I've owned it since they released it. I'm a ship collector. All I know is that there was a large section of the player base who really hated what they did with the Excelsior, and that there were a lot of people feeling that Cryptic wasn't listening to player feedback about the F2P changes. Hence my response.