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11-08-2011, 09:16 AM
Originally Posted by Cowbert View Post
Since you can no longer buy the Excelsior for "free" (without resorting to the dilithium exchange), the Excelsior has become way overpowered, with its +1 turn rate (with engine power set to 30, I got a 15.1 turn, that's -1 the base turn of an escort!). I seriously have no idea what ya'll were thinking when you thought that only "losing" an eng console slot was unsuitable. Now you can put 4 eng console slots back in there. For all the b***** you people do about F2P you sure love promoting what has obviously become a Pay2Win cruiser...

(I didn't mention btw, that they are going to do something about the Excelsior to rebalance it but they dialed it back to what it was so they could back to the drawing board with it).
The only Excel that's "free" is the Tier 3 one, which you only use for 10 levels and then becomes meaningless. As a long time user of the Tier 5 Excelsior I can tell you this. It's certainly not a "pay to win" cruiser and the extra degree of turn rate can hardly be noticed. Base 6 for Galaxy classes, 7 for Sovereign and Stars and 8 for the Excel. Even science ships blow this away, let alone escorts. This seems like complaining just for the sake of it to me.

You can't please everyone but a lot more people seem happy with reverting the Excel back to form than hate it. And that's about the best result you can hope for.