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11-08-2011, 10:41 AM
Originally Posted by lynerunner View Post
The only Excel that's "free" is the Tier 3 one, which you only use for 10 levels and then becomes meaningless. As a long time user of the Tier 5 Excelsior I can tell you this. It's certainly not a "pay to win" cruiser and the extra degree of turn rate can hardly be noticed. Base 6 for Galaxy classes, 7 for Sovereign and Stars and 8 for the Excel. Even science ships blow this away, let alone escorts. This seems like complaining just for the sake of it to me.

You can't please everyone but a lot more people seem happy with reverting the Excel back to form than hate it. And that's about the best result you can hope for.
When did Tier 5 Excelsior become unavailable for emblems? AFAIK that's still "free" in the sense that you are not forced to pay C-points to get it. However in F2P, it is only available for C-points (which if you wish I suppose you could wait 4 months to accumulate your stipend points or try to exchange for dilithium, which at current rates will actually take longer than 4 mo to trade dil for 1600CP).

Why do you think people keep trying to petition for +1 turn to Sov? Because they know once T5 Excel can not be gotten by just grinding emblems (especially for people who got the 250 emblem reward before Cryptic yanked that too), it becomes better than Sov - not to mention the more usefulness of the ltcdr tac slot (as opposed to ens+lt). If Cryptic isn't going to grant +1 to Sov then there is no reason to complain when they nerf Excel to bring it inline with other T5 cruisers. What do you think is worth more? +1 turn (bigger advantage) or 1 console slot that you already have 3 of?