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11-08-2011, 11:12 PM
Based on what I could see, you didn't put any (or many) points in your T4 and T5 energy Performance skills (hence why you're seeing a drop in power), nor the other efficiency one at T2 (I think). For instance, I only notice Engine Performance to 3 and nothing in Weapons or Shields.

Also, I'd say that 9s are overspending (as there's a drop-off in payback between 8 and 9) so dropping skills to 8 will get you at least some of the points needed to get the T4/5 energy skills up.

I'd also say that going to 7 on the T1 ground skills is overspending as well (for a measly 2% increase IIRC). only going to 5 on those will still net you 15%.

When I respecced a holodeck character on Tribble, I only lost 1 point in Weapon power over what I had on Holodeck, and that was speccing my energy skills to 8 and not 9 (9 made them equal, but I wasn't about to spend a T5 skill to 9).