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11-09-2011, 02:47 AM
Originally Posted by Wraith_Shadow
In my case it would make female NPC's point and laugh......

But my main's traits all are set to melee combat, so after the Ground update he wend from being a bad *** to being just a guy with a gun. I used to be able to drop a heavy tac Borg before the rest of the team was able to drop his shields. So yeah, they either need to revamp melee as well or allow people to retrait.
Like I've been saying for a while, Crossfire's pacing is good, but it has poorly affected quite a few things in game including skills, traits, tactical officers. It has also effected the value of many abilities due to activation and recharge times. Hypos were useful before, but nowadays feel nearly useless due to the speedy pass of Crossfire. The activation times on many if not most kit abilities are also better in a preemptive fashion rather than a reactive fashion, which certainly favors Engineers. In fact, I personally enjoy playing Science or Engineer over Tactical now, due exactly to the changes made in Crossfire.

I don't want to see them slash and burn Crossfire, but I would like to see them take the time to balance things based on what did change in Crossfire. As someone who likes playing shooters and fast paced games, I like what Crossfire did in many ways. My only concern is that they adjust things back.

In older threads, I've also commented on how some traits need some logical adjustments (Saurian Boffs Have Efficient, Captains can't)(Ferengi should have psi protection, Greed)(Nausicaans could stand to have innate toughness) etc. I've also posted how I'd like to see Traits be developed in a more complicated and interesting way, where we start with a certain amount of them, and then earn more as we level up. One of the best suggestions I've seen on this was to have a Racial Pool, Ground, and Space, where starter points are funneled into. Finally, I agree it would be nice if we could respec traits, for many reasons. Most importantly, if they make changes to the game we don't have to be stuck with dud traits. Additionally, a new player who is not as familiar with the game may trait a character in ways they later regret, or misunderstood. Neither situation is a good one, so I do really hope they offer this as well.