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11-09-2011, 08:28 AM
Call me a slowpoke, but dare I say it - it's not the skill system that's the issue with starship performance. It's the consoles.

Nearly all consoles have been either changed or nerfed. The one responsible for Hazard systems is now a Stealth console, while tactical consoles that buffed cannon or beam damage are now worse than a console responsible for a specific damage type (phaser, disruptor etc.).

Even though I maxed nearly all essential skills, I was surprised that my Marauder had a problem with power transfer rate. It was then when I noticed a console like EPS Flow Regulator Mk XI (blue) now provides only +70% bonus, while on holodeck it's equivalent gives +105%.

I'm not much of a math guy, so I just compared several essential performance aspects of my characters on holo and tribble. In some cases it was better, like the DPS on my escort, while in others it was bascially the same, or worse (transfer rate). I'll check the exact difference after unequipping everything from my ships later.

I don't think this was the right step. Skill system is one thing, but it's mostly the consoles that were nerfed. Check into it before you blame just the skill changes.