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Can you?

I can not. Why?
  1. We've gone 8 months without content, 10 months when F2P finally hits. Unacceptable.
  2. Everyone for Holodeck has been shelved in favor of F2P. Basically "lol Subscribers, thanks for paying to beta test for us!"
  3. Shoddy business practices. Cryptic has consistently misled us and baited us to say on a subscribers. "Don't worry, we'll have a steady flow of content post Season 4!" loljk. Sure, cite the PW sale all you want, but that's not an acceptable excuse.
  4. Straight up LIES when it comes to PvP. We've been told we're getting stuff "soon" for these past 2 years. Heck, basic PvP features were "in testing for deployment soon" back in July... of 2010. Have we seen anything of those? NOPE! (Chuck Testa)
  5. Misleading articles on other sites (IGN) based on "news" from the D'Angelo. Leveling in 1 day? Nothing in the C-Store that changes balance? No Pay-2-Win? Wrong.
  6. Not so stellar balance choices.
  7. Bugs that have been in the game FOREVER. Example: 3 Aceton Field's stacked on you will, in fact, make your weapons HEAL your target.
  8. Well known exploits being in the game for months, despite having numerous tickets submitted and forum threads. And anytime someone wants to talk about it, it ends up with infractions/bans.
  9. Since March, we've paid for... what? Pay to win ships, utter fluff like Geklis, and the introduction of new bugs? Oh right, I forgot, sorry. An elaborate Beta test.
  10. Deadlines are missed pretty much every time. Anytime they put out a date, 2-4 weeks to it. If not more. If it's a PvP related, just ignore it entirely. It won't come true anyways.