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11-09-2011, 09:28 AM
Originally Posted by Kyias View Post
I can

For a new player the game has a plethora of different types of missions to enjoy content. In fact, one of my friends just recently subscribed and is loving the game.

For the record, his time frame may have been off, but it is very possible to get max level AND maxed gear within a week. I know, because my friend did it.
Well of course anyone new is going to have a ton of content to play. But then, anyone new hasn't had to suffer through this past year.

And within a week? Quite possibly. One week is far from "one day" or even one whole weekend. Furthermore, by Cryptic's own admission, the vast majority of their playerbase isn't at level cap, almost 2 years after the game launched. If it's taking the average person that long to get up to cap, why punish everyone else? I have 4 toons. I don't want to see the same, boring old PvE missions over and over for any longer than I have to. I struggled through them 3 times after my first run, I don't want to have to do even more for any additional toons.