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11-09-2011, 09:03 AM
As a brand new player to the game, I would recommend it just based off my own experience so far. I am reading though, and it's obvious to me that the fans are frustrated, so i am taking in that side of the story as well. But just based on personal experience so far, it's easily worth the money right now.

I picked up the CE for 12 bucks. Been playing 5 days and am Lieutenant 7, I like to take my time in MMO;s, taking in as much as I can. At this rate it will take me 6 months to hit end game, which is good because I generally hate end game in most mmo's.

Also, although i am 40, I never got into ST. I loved Star Wars (ep 4,5 and 6 anyway), Buck Rogers, Dr. Who, BSG and eventually things like SG and Farscape, but for some reason I completely bypassed Star Trek. Well, playing this game on Saturday for the first time, for 10 straight hours, I decided to queue up the original series on netflix and have been watching those in order. I am amazed at how much I love it. I would have never guessed it! I'm not sure why i thought I would not like it, but I was wrong.

Looking forward to the rest of the series, and then the Next Generation, and also looking forward to the rest oft his game. At this point, I'd recommend it to people like me, people who generally like sci-fi and have at least some interest in learning more about the ST universe, as well as people who have never played it and want to take things slow. There may not be anyone else like that, but if there is, pick it up... it's a steal at this point, in my opinion!

As far as the frustrated vets of this game, I feel really bad for you guys & gals. I've been there in other games and it sucks. To love a game or IP and support it for years, only to feel like you're getting nothing in return. I hope that changes fast, or I might be right there with you guys in 6 months or so.

So here's hoping it gets better for everyone and goes on to become THE Star Trek game to be in.