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11-09-2011, 10:34 AM
Originally Posted by Kyias View Post
I can

For a new player the game has a plethora of different types of missions to enjoy content. In fact, one of my friends just recently subscribed and is loving the game.

For the record, his time frame may have been off, but it is very possible to get max level AND maxed gear within a week. I know, because my friend did it.
but by MR D's comment today you can do that in 1 day LOL with all the cool gear.

of course they need to add content to holodeck or people will just leave, after 8+months with no new content people will get tired and leave. Cryptic is acting not in the best interest of us at all that is already noted. So sooner or later they will notice that their playerbase is dwindling. By then it might be too late.