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11-09-2011, 11:29 AM
I wont recommend STO to anyone i like any more. Cryptic has done to much of the same thing SOE did with SWG and ive been down that road i know where it leads and how it ends, short drop long fall sudden stop.

I could deal with lots of stuff going to the cstore, but pay for power ships? hell no. Games need to remain balanced and they had no intention of doing it with the +1 ships. Shame the special ability consoles with same boff layouts etc as normal ships was balanced, then they go and completely destroy that balance. And anyone who thinks a scale tipped even slightly to 1 side is balanced is an idiot.

Their cash grab crap is the same thing SWG did with the TCG and that was the final straw for me there. You cant take everything players have asked for and shove it in a store, games have to have basic free content ya that includes SHIPS.

I wont play another cryptic game ever again after this, pretty sure ill stop playing when F2P hits. It amazes me how many companys can shoot themselves in the foot over and over learn to put the safety on already geez. Seem to make 1 bad move, then make more and more like a drunk man losing his balance you just watch the stumble get worse till poor dude is eating pavement.

I truely liked the game, i was glad it wasnt gear orinted. Log in level up get good gear go play and enjoy. Now it will be a grind fest like almost every other mmo where leveling takes much longer for no good reason. Liner story progression in a game that gets bugs in completely unrelated code, its like cryptic has blinders on and is just running through the artillary fire hoping a shell doesnt land on them.

Got 2 words for you cryptic, splash damage. Shells dont have to hit you directly to kill you, enough near misses can do it all on its own.