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11-09-2011, 01:14 PM
The Dreadnaught is a cruiser with a big gun grafted to it, it was not designed from the ground up with the expectation of being a combat ship. That would be like me grafting a 120 mm cannon on a school bus and calling it a vehicle meant for combat. As for the cloaking device, the Enterprise (NCC-1701 no bloody A, B, C, or D) had one briefly, Enterprise D had one, an Oberth class had one, Romulan science vessels have them, it doesn't mean they are designed from the ground up to be combat vessels.

My point, and it has been made even by those arguing semantics on here, is that there is absolutely no reason anyone should EVER use an Escort in Star Trek Online. There is Absolutely no point to them. One on one, assuming players are evenly matched with tear, skill, and rank, a Cruiser will ALWAYS beat an Escort, 5 Cruisers will Always beat 5 Escorts, 5 Cruisers will Always beat 2 Cruisers and 3 Escorts. This is the only MMO I know of where there is one "class" in the game (in this case Escorts) that is completely and utterly worthless and put in merely to take up space and one "class" that can't be beaten except by others of that class.

It might be different if the speed and maneuverability of escorts actually offset their weaknesses or if the lack of speed and maneuverability of cruisers was actually a drawback in any appreciable way, but it isn't. Let me put it to you another way, If you are getting together a 5 ship fleet (5 ships is the max you can use) to take on, say the Borg and you have 15 players of equal skill with 5 of them being Science Vessels, 5 of them being Escorts, and 5 of them being Cruisers, and you want the best possible chance of winning, will you chose any of the players with escorts?