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11-09-2011, 01:41 PM
Originally Posted by Cursix
That's not true. Their issue is Crafting will look better than their economy as it currently stands as they believe it takes less time to craft a high end item. While they might be right when you are talking about someone already maxed in crafting, it is still a little far fetched. Particle Traces are random and can take days to find the exact one you want unless you go to the exchange. The exchange of course might be part of the problem, but it ideally reflects the value players place on an item. As EC inflation continues and demand goes up, so does the prices.

The better solution they could have done was increase the overall requirements for crafting. The more traces needed, the more time needed. It also wouldn't have been a bad idea to increase crafting skills up, making high end gear need 10,000 crafting skill instead of the current requirement. But instead, they tossed in the one currency that you can buy with real money and cannot be traded directly among players that also serves as another time gate on top of another time gate (finding and leveling crafting).
Don't shoot the messenger. I'm just quoting what this man said.


"We are doing our best to mitigate the issues. There are a lot of questions as why does crafting high end gear cost so much Dilithium. The bottom line is Dilithium is an important economy, and one that is tied directly into Cryptic Points (and thus real money). It is the foundation of the Free to Play economy and the games revenue model."

If what Geko says is true - and as he is a developer, not a marketer, I don't have any reason to doubt his claims - then simply removing Dilithium from crafting is (from Cryptic's perspective) not an acceptable option.