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11-09-2011, 02:09 PM
Originally Posted by Cursix
Sorry, I didn't mean to come out as if I was shooting you down.

I know Geko has talked about this but the reality is it is not the only option. I concede that it may be the only option for Cryptic, but we don't get to see a nice table of what they discussed with the Pros and Cons. But I highly doubt this was the only option unless they are being forced into a grind/money-grab scenario by higher powers.
Sadly, (from experience working in a media company) I suspect that the reality at Cryptic is such that the creatives have no real power in this affair as there is the possibility that money is involved at higher echelons. I recently questioned my own managers over a 'content' decision where I work that, from my perspective, was simply a taboo with one of those 'rules' you just don't break.

Unfortunately, the bureaucracy and 'corporate policy' on the matter was such that the reply I got from my Director was that "it was not our battle to fight."

If this is the same for Geko and his team right now I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised, so I sympathise with him and hope he manages to get us as many compromises as he can.

Lord knows, I got none where my problem was concerned.