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11-09-2011, 09:48 PM
Originally Posted by Hakaishin
Alpha Strike would be enhanced by an 800% burst beam on a short CD.

The burst would outweigh the loss of a single DHC.

Arc means nothing on an escort, would imagine you'd know that by now.

Purely the amount of burst damage potential. DHC might have a slight advantage (and not even a great one over a DBB) in sustained DPS over a long period of time, but pales heavily in comparison to burst damage with BO.

In STO, damage over time is a non-factor and far too easy to recover from.

Burst damage however stands as the most reliable way to kill anything.

But yes, I'm obviously joking. Clearly, doing 1,000,000 damage in the span of an hour is better than 250,000 damage in ten minutes.

I wonder where my math was...
That's fuzzy math at best. Who are these fictional escort captains you "know" who split their dps potential by speccing into both beams and cannons for one weapon system on cooldown? Where is this 1 mil /250k damage proof? who are these magical escort captains in this wonderland of yours?

Lotsa made up stuff. Look I know you were trying to contribute, and that’s adorable, but the rest of us here were clearing up a question about a Boff space ability—it wasn’t an invitiation for your inevitable “Me leet pvp badass anyone not do what I say is ****** soz” diatribe.

There’s a PVP forum for that.

Now that you know what context is, just run along back over into fanboi Cruiser-land, where you belong.