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11-09-2011, 10:10 PM
Originally Posted by nynik
I don't know anyone who played a game or didn't based soly on anything gaming websites or magazines had to say about it, but the PR is good, and the impression is what people can pick up on.

If you are FOR trying to change the image STO has had since launch (a game that has changed since then but has had a harder time changing its image) then head over to

and vote your game UP. If it even brings in one new player then surely thats good for the game you like to play.

You need to supply an email address, but there is no need to create an account or jump through pages etc.

Yes the game has flaws. Yes the company is to blame. But if your concerned at all about the future of this game, then good PR (unlike that ludicrous IGN interview - come on marketing team srsly?) then take some time and vote it up. Help it stay alive long enough (by improving its image and attracting new players) so that the flaws, failings and neglect of the past 8 months is not your final memory of Star Trek Online. The only Star Trek game online with a great community to boot.

Vote up for STO in the " Best Non-Fantasy MMO of 2011 " and " Best New F2P MMO " categories as well as other applicable ones and lets try bring home a win.

And if you don't think STO deserves the positive attention (I'm not saying vote best when its been a terrible year - but to vote best to encourage a better year in lifting STO's image) then why continue to play a game you want to fail?

Yeah.... ummm... ...Not So Much....

But I'll abstain..., just in case there's plenty of other folks who agree with you...