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11-09-2011, 11:35 PM
if any ship is a bad pvp ship, its the galaxy R. its dps is crippled by only having 2 tactical consoles, its maneuverability is the worst among cruisers, and it has the worst cruiser station setup. every conceivable role you could use a cruiser for is better handled by the other cruisers available, it excels at nothing, you nerf your self by using it. its special saucer separation ability dose nothing to make you hit harder, and actually makes you weaker, but at least you can maneuver better.

the galaxy X benefited immensely from the powers to console change they made to c store ships, it got that god send 3rd tactical console and its price got lowered too. at the same time, the galaxy R benefited the least from the powers to console change, it received a worthless dump console, wile every other ship got extremely useful consoles. theres no other word for it other then injustice. i made a thread about it, in an attempt to get cryptic to understand the problem and take action, but so far nothing. link to it is in the sig.