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11-09-2011, 11:36 PM
Originally Posted by nynik
The award is no prize, it provides no direct funding or real material value
The award is the recognition for creating a game that people think is better than the others. The basic concept being: the games that work the hardest to be the best, earn the praise. While the other games, good as they may be, will have to work harder to win that accolade.

Originally Posted by nynik

If you decide not to vote, then you can hardly complain that the game will continue to suffer in image on such sites (mostly weighted by the game's less than stellar launch)

The poor reviews STO receives, is neither my doing nor my responsibility to improve. The fault, and responsibility lie with STO and STO alone. Unless they want to add me to their payroll to be a positive PR person. If they want to improve their public image, it's their responsibility to do so.

Not only would voting for a game I didn't think was the best would be lacking integrity, it would diminish the accomplishments of the games that truly earned that rightly title.

If STO wants to be voted best game, they have to, brace yourself for a bizarre concept, EARN it. They aren't getting a sympathy vote in the hopes it will make them improve things.

The flip slide to your contorted logic is: if they get voted best game now, where's the incentive for them to try to improve? Why try to better your product when someone is going to vote you best regardless of what you do?