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11-09-2011, 11:38 PM
I'm sorry nynik, but you're way out there on that limb, and you're sawing through it pretty quick.

Companies get good PR from providing good service and creating happy customers.

Cryptic has utterly failed in this over the last 3/4ths of this year, and the unhappiness of their loyal customerbase has only eroded further due to the drastic change in attitude, development and business priorities for Star Trek Online since their acquisition by PWI and the push to F2P.

If we were to reward them with our votes anyway, it could serve as a false reinforcement that they have popular support currently.

Conversely, if they see a dropoff in voting from last year, the message will be clear; its not just the angry forum crowd who doesn't like the "new" Cryptic, and perhaps it will be the wakeup call that puts an end to this madness.

What can I say, I can still dream. I'm not that jaded, yet.