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11-10-2011, 12:00 AM
Originally Posted by USS_Chronos
The award is the recognition for creating a game that people think is better than the others. The basic concept being: the games that work the hardest to be the best, earn the praise. While the other games, good as they may be, will have to work harder to win that accolade.
I agree with you. But this poll doesn't take the work of other games into consideration (in general). What will be taken away by its conclusion is the winner and not the competition. What doesn't get the attention in voting, are the various positive efforts those other games made, perhaps moreso than the 'winner'. In general, people are voting against those games without having the knowledge about who truly earned the accolade of best, but who they wish to receive the accolade based on the game they will likely play.

This devalues it from being a competition of merit, to being a competition on image. Its data is sourced on image as shown in how it does not provide comparative information on efforts made by various games to earn each category accolade etc.

The poor reviews STO receives, is neither my doing nor my responsibility to improve. The fault, and responsibility lie with STO and STO alone.
Partially correct. While you may not go about creating a negative image of STO, you also may not do so positively. And your not expected to either ofc. However, to combat either people with an interest in seeing the game fail or succeed will take action.

Unless they want to add me to their payroll to be a positive PR person. If they want to improve their public image, it's their responsibility to do so.
All games promote themselves in a good light, or try to. What really carries weight, for anyone who actually bases their decision to play or quit on community perceptions about a game, are the views spread by the community of gamers (not necessarily a particular game's players). Which is why such potential image enhancing drives like this, ask for gamer input as opposed to a paid reviewer. Because it has greater value than pr staff.

If STO wants to be voted best game, they have to, brace yourself for a bizarre concept, EARN it. They aren't getting a sympathy vote in the hopes it will make them improve things.
We're not voting for it to be best game, we're voting for it to improve its image. And as I said, if it will not get your vote to improve its image (if you think there has been no improvements that qualify as improving STO) then don't be surprised if that image doesn't change.

People who feel strongly against something make it known in larger proportions than those who support things. By choosing to remain impartial your signing off on other people having a deciding influence on the future of a game you may enjoy but decide not to help promote.

The flip slide to your contorted logic is: if they get voted best game now, where's the incentive for them to try to improve? Why try to better your product when someone is going to vote you best regardless of what you do?
This is just for now, as the game uses its last playing card for life. I am not advocating a lifelong commitment to voting against your feelings and for something the category doesn't specify.

The incentive is for keeping the award for the next year, as well as staying online by retaining new players brought in by an enhanced image in order to give STO the chance to make the product better.

This thread asks that you vote for STO to help raise its image so that it will have better grounds to succeed. Not to vote for it based on if you think its the best game (which I already clarified as being subjective to the point of irrelevance in that poll).