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11-10-2011, 03:34 AM
Originally Posted by JupiterStarWarrior
I'm going to be perfectly honest:

I'd rather be called "Captain" when being addressed in missions. I have a strange affection for that title, and I consider myself the captain of my ship. Even if I were to lead a fleet of ships, I'd still want to be called "Captain", because, to me, that is my rank. In the game, I find it odd that NPCs call me "Rear Admiral, Lower Half" when referring to my rank in-game (not to mention cumbersome).

But, as stated before, this is your mission.

*places two pennies on the table* That's my two cents. Take it or leave it. :-D
I agree that the rank thing is annoying. I've thought of just referring to everyone as captain, but I wonder if some people prefer to be Vice Admiral, etc. The Rear Admiral ranks are really bad though, no idea why it doesn't just say "Rear Admiral", instead of that long monstrosity.

Personally, I wish the game stopped at Captain, but it seems Cryptic has no interest in changing it.