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11-10-2011, 06:24 AM
Originally Posted by Dash_Andrews View Post
LOL... Not what they meant man... sheesh people gripe about everything on here now without even having their facts straight...
How is it not what they meant. This is what was posted:

The stipend is granted on the “anniversary day” for your account. This is the day in the month which corresponds to when your account was first activated for Star Trek Online. This means that you won’t necessarily get your stipend right at the beginning of the month, but it will be coming for you at the appropriate time during December and each following month.

So, if you activated (I used the term subbed, but it amounts to the same) on the 28th, you don't get it until the 28th. That's what the problem is. All the headstart subs are going to be from the very last days of January, and not get their stipend until the end of December.

If they have to stagger the stipend then so be it, and I understand some people are going to get shorted one way or the other. But it seems a bit lame that the ones being shorted are those who played during head start. I don't want to sound elitist, but head start players have been here from the very start, I do think that should stand for something, and that we shouldn't be penalized for joining the game even before the official release date.