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# 1 Game now crashing 10.11.11
11-10-2011, 05:30 AM

Just wanted to report that the game (on tribble) last night 9.11.11 crashed three times on me. I don't remember it ever crashing before.

The first two crashes were (afaik) related to alt tabbing. One of these times was after being redirected due to the purchase of Cryptic Points to the main website.

The third crash occured about a second after closing the DOFF screen whilst travelling on the main map.

The first two crashes occured on the main map too.

I haven't installed new programs or changed anything on my computer recently apart from maybe a few windows updates but I believe that was a couple of days previously and tribble worked fine for me on 8.11.11. (This was probably prior to the patch?)

I'm currently at work so can't post specs. Have a Geforce 460 graphics card, windows 7 and 4GB RAM.