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# 10 Galaxy X all the way
11-10-2011, 05:51 AM
Originally Posted by Hakaishin
The inquiry was which ship is more dangerous in PvP, not which Captain is.

I do agree with you on one point... 99.999999999999% of all Galaxy-X pilots suck horribly and too often have a twisted yearning to die.

I am not among them.

Equal skilled captain behind the helm of a Galaxy Retrofit and Galaxy Dreadnought would be almost indistinguishable.

Reason: Ships don't win PvP. Players win PvP.

That considered, we'll walk into ship specifications...

@OP: If you have a Sniper mentality (move into position unseen, when the enemy is least expecting it, open fire with enough force to kill ANYTHING in all of 5 seconds, and move on), the Galaxy-X is the ONLY ship in the game capable of reliably doing this against any other ship in the game, equal-skill considered.

If you want a maneuverable cruiser, in my opinion, you shouldn't be bothering with the Gal-R, but instead the Excelsior.

Galaxy-R is more or less worthless in PvP without the Venture upgrade, and 2x Antimatter Spread. But even that, 1v1, the Galaxy-X will have the Galaxy-R (or any ship, for that matter) obliterated before they could even react to it decloaking.

Team setting, you get the luxury of choosing any target you want (you don't even have to focus what your team is focussing on... they can kill 1 target while you focus another and kill 2 birds at once), and seeing it die instantly. With that target destroyed (enemy heals will be hardpressed healing 2 targets with such a heavy and fast burst), you may support DPS with your allies, tank, heal, etc until your next burst is ready. Use Evasive Maneuvers, peel out, cloak, and do it again.

If you're looking for ship separation for your tactics, MVAM > Galaxy-R, with VASTLY greater maneuverability and firepower.

If you're looking for a damaging, maneuverable "tank", Fleet Escort fits the role better than Galaxy-R.

That said, Galaxy-R is merely a scramble-sensor menace (2x Antimatter Spread + possible SCI BOFF Scramble). Destroy its saucer section and its effectiveness is cut by 1/3 (it dies almost instantly). One of your lance + torpedo bursts would instantly destroy the weaker battle section.

Galaxy-R cannot produce the DPS to actually damage a Galaxy-X. Even full Antiproton or Disruptor, the Galaxy-X built properly can tank it all and laugh, rarely going below 90%.

Vice versa, Galaxy-X can kill a Galaxy-R in a maximum of 5 seconds, like any other ship.

So it depends what you want.

If you want raw power, Galaxy-X (and be prepared to endure many headaches and hardships, many days of feeling like, "This ship is too hard for me" ... but if you stick with it, you will be a God).

If you want crowd control, Galaxy-R (and be prepared to beat your brains out on your keyboard knowing you can't kill any PvP opponent by yourself that is actually halfway worth your time to begin with).

GOOD Galaxy-R Captains in a team setting can really help win a fight.

GOOD Galaxy-X Captains in a team setting can rip anything to shreds faster than any other ship in the game.

Take your pick.

Either way, I stand by my statement.


I must agree with this statement, I see many Galaxy - R's getting ripped to pieces. I do not see so many Galaxy - X's getting destroyed.

I have always considered buying the Galaxy - X and the more I read Hakaishin's posts about it the more I am considering the change. Currently I command an assualt cruser which has got some punch but most of the time in PVP you do not get the fire power and chance to catch of guard that the Galaxy X has.
I can hold my own in PVP for a while with heals and sitting on constantly healing yourself and others get boring!! Its ok being a team player but evey now and again it would be great to blow the hell out of something!

I may bite the bullet myself and be off to C-Store to buy one. OR wait however long to save my Stipend.