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11-10-2011, 07:22 AM
Originally Posted by Kobayashi Maru
So here's my situation (not that anyone cares, I just find this amusing). I purchased the LTS on January 30, but the pre-order didn't arrive until Feb 7, so which of these days are you counting as my "anniversary"? The day I punched in my activation code, the day I bought the LTS, or the day I created my character during head start?

Guess which one of those will make me mad and which one I prefer.

FYI, I have a feeling this "anniversary" will end up being the day that I always get my monthly stipend. If this is the intention and if my first stipend arrives Dec 30 I do not think that is fair at all. Anyone who has had an active subscription from head start to present should have their stipend awarded on the day of head start (Nov. 29) or launch (Dec. 2), not New Year's eve a month later.
Open Excel.
In cell A1 type in: =today()
In Cell A2 type in you days subscribed as it says in your account.
In cell A3 type in: =A1-A2
The shown date in A3 is the date of your account activation. If the result in A3 is just a large number, right-click on it and set the format to date.

For me it showed an activation date of 2/12/2010

Note: This will only work for LTS subs and those who have not seen a gap in their sub.