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11-10-2011, 07:29 AM
There's a legitimate and fair reason they're doing it on each Subs anniversary day, it has to do with the Dilithium Exchange, and it's a bit complicated, so hold on and try to keep up:

If they released everyones C-Point Stipend at the same time every month, all the people who intend to buy Dilithium with their stipend would all be trying to do it at the same time, the value of Dilithium would skyrocket as the deluge of C-Points hits it, and all the people selling Dilithium would basically be able to name their price.

Two weeks later, however, in between Stipend awards, the opposite would happen. C-points would be in short supply and Dilithiums value would drop like a rock.

Combined, the in-game Dilithium-C-Point economy would form a roller coaster of predictable ups and downs, allowing smart and patient players a much greater potential to game the market by acting in phase with the cycle without actually using their Dilithum or spending their C-Points.

By giving out Stipends on the Anniversary days, they'll be allowing the Dilithium-C-Point economy to take on a much more steady track, with constant small infusions of Dilithum and C-Points, mitigating any possible gaming of the Economy.