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11-10-2011, 09:36 AM
The coming Crafting Changes resolves one issue with the previous changes. But I withhold final judgment until I see the Diliithium prices for the new materials. That is the other issue with the previous changes. I can already see issues with the new changes. You giving player a method a limited method of trading Dilithium. It's Refined Dilithium, no less. Based on that and Captain Gecko's forum comments on the issue,, I can't see the Dilithium prices drop much, if any at all.

Edit: I also have come to realize that, the Material Blocks are not also a gateway for Dilithium into Energy Credits conversion. That's going to have a lot of interesting ramifications on the economy. My mind is starting to boggle from all of the implications. The is going to allow a lot of things the Jessie Heinig say were undesiren in his interview in STOked, 100 (e.g. Dilithium being usable in the Exchange, albeit indirectly.