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Here are some other reasons why skill costs are too expensive.

Ship Weapon Skills
  • Having weapon skills at Tiers 1, 2 and 5 is as bad as forcing everyone to spec into Antiprotons and Tricobalt weapons.
  • On top of that, the skill investment is even steeper than on live. On live, to max out those weapon skills, you'd have to spend 18,000 skill points.
    • Starship Attack Vectors (900)
    • Starship Energy Weapon Training (900)
    • Starship Projectile weapon Training (900)
    • Starship Beam or Cannon Weapons (1800)
    • Starship Torpedo or Mine Weapons (1800)
    • Starship Battle Strategy (2700)
    • Starship Antiproton Weapons (4500)
    • Starship Tricobolt Weapons (4500)
  • While on Tribble, you have to spend 20,250
    • Starship Weapons Training (1350)
    • Starship Energy Weapons (2700)
    • Starship Projectile Weapons (2700)
    • Starship Targeting Systems (4050)
    • Starship Energy Weapon Specialization (6750)
    • Starship Projectile Weapon Specialization (6750)
  • Now, most people don't spec into both Tricobolt Weapons and Antiproton Weapons. It's simply not effective. An escort captain may spec into one of these, say, Antiproton Weapons, and then go for Quantum Torpedoes. Already, a significantly reduced investment. Some captains will specialize in Disrupters and Photons, or Phasers and Quantums. Their MAXIMUM spec cost would be 14,400 skill points.
    • That's 5,850 skill points less than the Tribble cost.
  • Ideally, the cost to max out weapon skills should be somewhere between the maximum you spend on live, and the minimum. That would be about 16,200.

Starship Skills
Starship piloting skills suffer in a similar manner.
  • On live, you spend 18,000 points to max out your starship piloting skills.
    • Starship Command (900)
    • Tier 2 Ship skill (1800)
    • Starship Combat Maneuvers (1800)
    • Tier 3 Ship skill (2700)
    • Starship Battle Strategy (2700)
    • Tier 4 Ship skill (3600)
    • Tier 5 ship skill (4500)
  • On Tribble, you spend 25,650 skill points in an attempt to equal your performance on live.
    • Structural Integrity (2700)
    • Starship Shield Systems (2700)
    • Starship Maneuvers (4050)
    • Starship Impulse Thrusters (4050)
    • Starship Hull plating (5400)
    • Starship Armor Reinforcements (6750)
      • Sadly, some performance still suffers, such as turn rate.
  • That's 7,650 skill points more you have to spend on the new system.

Attack Patterns
Interestingly, Attack patters actually make sense, sort of:
  • On live, Attack patterns are boosted by 3 skills, for a total of 5,400 skill points.
    • Starship Attack Vectors (900)
    • Starship Combat Maneuvers (1800)
    • Starship Battle Strategy (2700)
  • On Tribble, near as I can tell, the bonus seems to be wrapped up into one skill, Starship Attack Patterns, for a total cost of 5,400.
This being said, it is still quite limiting, as you have to spend all your points on a single Tier, instead of spreading them out over 3 Tiers.

So, in conclusion, from Starship Piloting skills and Weapon skills alone, a player is already at a 9,900 to a 13,500 skill point deficit compared to live. That's really quite a painful loss.
When you add to that fact that all the other skills are more expensive than their live counterparts, it's even worse.