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11-10-2011, 03:15 PM
Originally Posted by spacecabbie View Post
i have a lifetime subscription, and what does happen to us in the free 2 play transition?
Originally Posted by MACE_9
I have a lifetime subscription what benefits does my account recieve for being a lifetime subscriber since the game is going to free play, do I get extra dilithium, cheaper prices at the c-store more experience boost?...
As LifeTime Subscribers (LTS) you will both become Gold Members of STO, same as any other paid subscriber. Players who play for Free will be Silver Members. The basic difference between the two are here:

But that's the Public Relations Spin of the subscriber benefits. Be aware that they game is fundamentally changing so that to get anything but the most common (literally) base gear, will require excessive grinding for their new double-time-gated currency Dilithium and/or the acquisition of Cryptic Points. This will affect both Silver and Gold Members alike. The biggest benefit to being a Gold Member is you will get a free Ship Token (up through Rear Admiral, until you're a 600-Day Vet then you get the VA Token unlock) and the 400 CP Monthly Stipend. The latter is diluted by the fact that C-Store prices will generally be raising come F2P.

If you'd like more info on how your subscription is changing, I invite you to click on my signature picture and read my thread on the changes.

P.S. I'm surprised that Blue_Fire bothered to edit the OP on this thread with the F2P Launch Date, considering there's been bugger-all response from Cryptic in this or any of thread in the F2P Question & (LOL)Answer Forums.