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11-10-2011, 05:37 PM

Originally Posted by ZeroniusRex
  • How clear are the objectives here?
If you get the mission from the NPC, then the objectives are clear.

Originally Posted by ZeroniusRex
  • Does the setup make sense?
Not really.

Originally Posted by ZeroniusRex
  • General mission bugs.
HARD Mode: Kept saying "Need 3 people" but we were 4 people in the group and all unlocked HARD.

Originally Posted by ZeroniusRex
  • General art bugs.
So far none detected.

Personal Note:

Easy Modes: Easy

Moderate Mode: Easy to rescue the Deferi, enough you can solo. But doing the Alcoves was nothing but SPAM.

I forcabily joined a group (joined team uninvited, which I feel is wrong but was a necessity due to the Event), and we just sat there killing hundreds of Drones. It was as if we were camping the same spot. Took us a while to realize we needed regenerative keys. (BTW, one person was needing everything and denying us greeding. This really angered me).

Doesn't make sense to have keys be a drop and you being in a group, you should figure out another method that doesn't require Drops.

HARD Mode: Attempted, ran into a bug where we couldn't initiate the event. Tried even the STF approach with 3 consoles at the same time or 3 seperate consoles at the same time. Nothing worked and we gave up.

Conculusion: Less Spam, more functionality.