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Originally Posted by Khern View Post
You are right.

It is the political leaders that pull the strings. There certainly do exist truly honorable warriors in the Empire and I am sure the Federation still got its fair share of visionaries and old-school Federation captains as well. The current state of the galaxy must be blamed on the leaders of the various factions. If not all the blame, then 80% of it.
I agree with this assesment. In many ways, the Federation went quickly down hill from the glory days of the early TNG. In the mid to late DS9, the Federation fell hard from its loft position as the idealised future utopia. After fighting in so many previous conflicts, the Dominion alone is NOT the cause of humanity becoming so jaded. George Santayanna said it best, "Those who foregt their history are condemned to repeat it." In many ways the Federation in the 25th century has become more like Rome during the time of Marcus Tullious Cicero. Sad that the Federation is more like Rome than the Romulans have ever been.