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11-10-2011, 06:13 PM
Originally Posted by Nikola_Tesla
When trying to save a Deferi from Assimilation they continue to get Assimilated even after all the surrounding borg have been dealt I need to inject the Deferi with something? Shouldn't the process be disrupted if I jump in and knock them all away from the Deferi? Should I just shoot the Deferi and pretend he said thank you afterward?
There could be a bug here, but sometimes it's just one of the borg group members isn't dead yet. Apparently they keep assimilating even if they're knocked away.

In the city, the doors (for the search for trapped deferi ) are often rotated so they don't line up with the doorway. I also may have seen one spin when hit with knockback (can't confirm, but could be a reason they end up sideways).