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11-10-2011, 07:31 PM
I didn't crash, but I did have a major freeze at one point when I used the transporter to the city section. There seemed to be a lot going on in front of me, but it wasn't THAT much.

Mission specific issues: The first green/easy missions in the city need to maybe have their numbers required to complete cut down. I spent the most time in this part compared to the other two areas on the green missions.

The issue is that the Borg don't always drop their cortical implants, spawn slowly, the other part is that there are far too few turrets, and they take too long to reset, and of course there are a lot of other players trying to do the same thing as you are. So in the end you end up spending a long time in this part.

The power plant and temple areas were far friendlier to these issues.