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# 24 Nerf this
11-10-2011, 08:49 PM
Originally Posted by SteveAngelis
Sorry but you are wrong. Escorts need a severe dps nerf in cannons and much much less hull.
Bs, and well minded person can take out an escort no probs, escorts can take out most ships, wish people stop crying and learn to fight, not every BO's load out is going to work on everyone, and not everyone going to carry buff and debuff to use in Team PVP, "yes feds, this is for u" That why you join a fleet, learn to fight like a fleet, support, snipe'n , and buffs.

Not this lone Ranger stuff and cryin cause u die trying to take out a fleet on your own, plus try setting up your BO's so u have a set for wat you like to do in pvp, and another set for Buffin or debuffin with your team.

Need team players not stupid nerffin casue you dont like die'ing. Might as well just take all weapons and skills out of Startrek and call it Tour of the Galaxy, where there no die'ing,,