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11-10-2011, 10:29 PM
Originally Posted by mister_dee
We won't becaue this is a human playerbase and in their minds

Federation = humans (which is a terracentrism perpetuated in the shows beyond reason) = the good guys.
Not being Federation automatically makes you the bad guy no matter what you do.
First time I've ever seen someone who totally agrees with me on this. In the shows, I find that Humanity is essentially the most enlightened species with all the right package of awesome qualities. Sure, they're not as smart as the Vulcans, nor as strong, as a whole... but their heart, creative spirit, and intuition blow the Vulcans out of the water. The same comparison with any other race is usually thrown in your face throughout the series, and it always seems the mantra is 'we're human, we're awesome aren't we?'.

At any regard, in response to the OP I think one should point out that the Klingons motives are probably dualistic. They ARE collecting tribute. It IS their Empire. They ARE getting to go out and wage war again, which is what they want to be doing. At least they have a 'reasonable' excuse now. I think its a mix just like in real life... at least if they do the story well. I sense, by how things are hinted, that J'mpok is a mega jerk, but using the Undine as a pretense.