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# 139 Cosmetic suggestions
11-11-2011, 12:30 AM
With all these fixes can we also get unique interiors (and variants maybe?) for the new KDF ships? (ie: Corsair Cruiser, PHalanx Sci, Dacoit Flight-deck Cruiser) It has been done for the TOS Connie so why not for these ships to give them more value and entice people to buy them?
My ideas for the interiors:
for Orion:
1) Silvery metal with green carpeting option
2) Banners/drapery options
3) unique lounge/quarters like befiting Orion
For others:
1) Harsh lines & feel for Nausicaan ships
2) warmer but reptilian feel for Gorn ships

Also with these Orion ships could more of the weapons fire from the turret points on the hull? It seems weird to have them there but not do anything.