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11-11-2011, 02:40 AM
Originally Posted by jg07
I like my little ''Escort'', will probably always use them, I have played the bigger ships and tried them out, I always go back to my Escort.
Me too - I'm NOT a PvPer, strictly PvE. I'm a Tac Captain - tried Sci ships, Cruisers and Escorts.
The ones I keep using are Escorts - sure they may not be as big as Cruisers and maybe it's easier to kill an Escort than a Cruiser - doesn't change anything for me.

I guess I like the fact my Escort is quick and nimble. I've tried various builds with it and am always happy to try new ones or suggestions out - end of the day though, I don't PvP as I know I'd not last and my build simply isn't setup for competitive PvP.