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11-11-2011, 05:36 AM
Played together with another tactical (with almost no ground skills )
Also: 3 more currencies? Really?

[*]How clear are the objectives here?

At first we were a bit overwhelmed but it didn't take long to get the idea of the missions.

[*]Does the setup make sense?

Easy part was good aside from the annoyance of people "stealing" the turret you just cleared. Medium proved to be a lot more difficult partly because of our group setup (no heals, no ressing) and the low chance of finding anyone in the houses. We also noticed there were a lot of possible doorways southeast of the area so maybe expanding it a bit would make it less chaotic?

[*]General mission bugs.

Aside from crash to desktop bug and unability to revive people, none noticed.

[*]General art bugs.

Some of the (opened?) doorways seemed rather strange.