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11-11-2011, 07:57 AM
Originally Posted by Hakaishin
Also has a short cooldown, and you're going up against idiots.

If I want you to get caught by EWP, you will.

Tricks to doing so... one of MANY, letting you get comfortable on my aft, pop Evasive + Attack Pattern Alpha and pull into Reverse, THEN pop it.

I don't care if you have twice the maneuverability of an MVAM, you won't have time to react, and will get caught.

This will also pull my devastating forward arc on YOUR rear in half a second.

1 volley, and you're dead. Yay win for me.

Again, simply one of many. You'd be surprised how often a simple maneuver like this works. Only real way to avoid it is to avoid the aft altogether.

This leaves my broadside and front. No matter how nimble you are, 1 Evasive if you're on my broadside guarantees my forward arc finding you.

I only need one shot.

Doesn't matter who you are or what you're flying. There are ways to make you go boom.
Sounds like a great plan against ppl that don't expect ewp to be used.
I've seen ur vid and im rly um, well dunno.
Ur ship shows a lot of weknesses.
U got 3DBB in front 3 turrets aft so u got no broadside. Best place for any escort to fight u.
RSP1 is the only thing that gives u 6 sec of freedom to plan ur next step but only if the enemy is no sci.
Ur EngTeam2 and Hazzard2 will give u just 2s more before ur ship blows up.
And pls, leave both copies of DEM at home u should run EPtS instead.

Btw.: any sci-craft at high aux levels can see ur "cloaked" ship within 6km if ur running at low aux level as ur vid is showing