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11-11-2011, 08:03 AM
Originally Posted by psychogobstopper
There is no such thing as "soft" or "de facto" canon in Trek. Ask one of the novel authors* if their novel is in any manner "canon" whatsoever, and they will tell you that is absolutely not. If it was a produced, aired television series or movie, it is canon. If it is a licensed work, it is not canon. It's that simple.

(* Seriously, go ahead. Several authors post on the Trek Literature forum at TrekBBS. This "soft canon" nonsense comes up regularly there, and they all shoot it down.)
I think one thing that has proliferated the "soft canon" versus "non-canon" debate is its use by authors and folks like the Cryptic staff.

1. I think the big thing these authors and licensees are TRYING to express is that they have their own canon. Traditionally, novels would contradict EACHOTHER. Now, the novels try to work with one another more. Likewise, STO missions will try not contradict one another and to build on one another.

2. I think the second point they're trying to express is that CBS wants to recycle art, designs, and popular concepts between licensees. Like the Luna class showing up in different media. Or the novels, video games, and comic books all acknowledging the comic book COUNTDOWN. CBS especially is more open to the idea of piecing together licensed material that they have some degree of rights to and wants some consistency without exactly canonizing things.

I fully expect we'll see the Odyssey class on book covers or in comiuc books, whether or not it's identified as the Enterprise-F. CBS doesn't have a TV series and so they want to grow their brand by mingling ideas between the creatives at the different licensees to create a vision with certain consistent elements.