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11-11-2011, 10:26 AM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
1. I think the big thing these authors and licensees are TRYING to express is that they have their own canon. Traditionally, novels would contradict EACHOTHER. Now, the novels try to work with one another more. Likewise, STO missions will try not contradict one another and to build on one another.
That's not canon - it's continuity. The two are not the same, which is a point that is also commonly stressed by the authors who post on TrekBBS.

Originally Posted by Leviathan99
2. I think the second point they're trying to express is that CBS wants to recycle art, designs, and popular concepts between licensees. Like the Luna class showing up in different media. Or the novels, video games, and comic books all acknowledging the comic book COUNTDOWN.
The only novel that might* have acknowledged "Countdown" is STO: The Needs of the Many, which obviously is set in a different continuity than the mainstream novel continuity. Several Trek authors have already pointed out that they are not beholden to the future shown in either "Countdown" or in STO.

(* I say "might" because I haven't read it, and I don't want to assert that it has since I have not.)