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Originally Posted by mondo80 View Post
The terms good and bad are subjective depending on the point of view. The Nazis thought they were the good guys in a world full lesser (bad) races. Until the civil war many thought slavery was good (there would be few if any African Americans here, in addition looks at the crap that's going down in Africa right now). I am not going to say anything about Christianity because the thread will get locked or deleted. The Sith were seen as evil by the Jedi and expelled to a swamp world to rot. The Borg could see themselves as good because they are destroying individualism, I can kind of see their point, an end to greed, poverty, class establishment and inept bosses would be nice.
a TANGENT: This line (red) is not intirely correct. Before the invention of teh Cotton Gin Slavery was on the verge of being dropped as a production resource in the South as it was still not cost effective or efficent to have slave labor to process raw cotton from the field to the consumer.
If the Cotton Gin had never been created many historians believe slavery in the USA would have disapeered.

/ end tangent.